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Saving the Environment:

Lami tubes made up of mostly aluminum foils  and polyethylene – are entirely recyclable and indeed being recycled into a various useful products across a range of applications. These non-recyclable waste materials would have otherwise got dumped as landfills posing hazards. The products that we manufacture are it self Recyclable thereby saving the environment. This apart, our entire manufacturing process ensures:

To Implement ‘Environment Protection Program’ Beyond The Black Board By Offering Product And Services To Curtail Felling Of Tree Through The Concept Of ‘Reduce, Recycle, Reuse’ Of Material Otherwise Shall Cause Ecological Imbalance.


Features & Advantages:

  1. The Boards are easy to cut. Normal wood working tools & machinery can be used.
  2. The Boards will not rot, crack, warp or splinter & unlike wood there are no knots.
  3. The Boards do not get affected by termite, borer, bacteria etc.
  4. The Boards are resistant to mild chemicals, oil, gasoline, pathogens.
  5. The Boards are resistant to water & salt water.
  6. The Boards are not affected by exposure to most substances.
  7. The Boards are denser than wood & have high compression strength.
  8. The Boards can be sawn, molded, screwed like other wood products.
  9. The Boards are virtually maintenance free, hence saves valuable cost.
  10. The Boards do not expand under varying climatic conditions.
  11. The Boards are stain resistant.
  12. The Boards are aesthetically pleasing.
  13. The Boards have long life.
  14. The Boards are cost effective.
  15. The Boards are Recyclable.

Comparison with other wood based product



Block Board

Particle Board

Natural Wood




Water Resistance

Design Creativity



Physical Properties






High Level

Attractive Surface

Borer Resistance



Peels / Warps


Contracts / Expands

Contracts / Expands


Thermo formability


he Boards should preferably be stored as horizontal stacking on a flat surface. For staking thinner boards, it is advisable to use 18 mm thick board as base. Vertical stacks should be minimized as far as possible. If vertical stacking necessary, vertical support to be given before stacking. Uniform gap to be maintained between boards i.e., from one end to the other

e recommend use of tungsten carbide tipped saw blades & fine toothed cross cut saw. To achieve cleanliness of the cut, adjust saw blade projection properly above the board. The board should be kept moving to prevent heat build-up.
To achieve better grade cutting quality, a panel saw with counter blade attached to a higher RPM motor to be used. To avoid over heating of the material, tools with big chip space should be used.

Fixing & Fitting:
For the purpose of fixing if glue has to be applied, we recommend cleaning & scraping of the surface. We recommend rubber based glue via: SR (Popularly known as jhatpat glue or similar. For fitting with screws, we recommend use of pilot whole and full threaded screws. Distance of the screw from the corner is to be 100 mm on the edge and 25 mm on the face. Do not hammer screw

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